What is PoolFriend?

PoolFriend is your patented solution, designed in the USA, created with your security in mind.

We’ve been busy for a long time​

PoolFriend, like Rome, wasn’t built in a day. We have thoroughly developed our patented solutions taking the necessary time to make sure they provide maximum security.​

The seed

PoolFriend is born in Spain

The idea is born to create solutions to eliminate drowning accidents.


Technical requirements are completed

We selected the technology solutions and the framework within which we would be operating our system.​


We moved to Florida and began development

PoolFriend initiates development of our first solution. We decide to créate a self standing product as it gives us more go-to market scope and better development flexibility.​

First Prototype (June)

Our first prototype was completed in June

The first iteration of our device has many compromises but demonstrates the basic functionalities.​

Second Prototype (November)

Rellocation of sensors​

The changes are a success and we get ranges up to and exceeding 100ft.​

Third Prototype (April)

Extra features to complete initial model​​

Detection includes movement outside swimming pools.​

Fourth Prototype (August)

Design almost complete​​

We detected and corrected connectivity issues at firmware level.​

Pivot to Lights (March)

We move on to our second system​​

Using expertise gathered during 2022 in the lights’ industry we decide to kickstart our newest system which will integrate with almost any swimming pool out there.​

Fifth and final prototype (May)

Minor tweaks create our first retail candidate

Resonance chamber, rearranging of internal components …. The devil is in the details.​

Lights system prototype (November)

System integration complete​

All technical hurdles are overcome and we are ready to move on to pre-production stages.​


Initial sales for summer delivery

We are tweaking algorithms and generally optimizing our offering to meet our client's needs.

Meet some of our team​

Team member 01

Jose Maria Sanchez​

Founder and CEO
BSc Computer Science and MBA.
  • 10+ Yrs sourcing China OEM-MTO​.
  • 10+ Yrs IoT devices.​
  • 5+ Yrs Social Network Dev
Team member 02

Jose Cervera​

Founder and CIO​
Computer Engineer.​
  • 10+ Yrs Native App development.​
  • 5+ Yrs IoT cloud computing.​
  • 5+ Yrs Full Stack Developer.

A worldwide effort

A global effort our products are designed in the USA, with software development done in Europe and production and integration done in China.​

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