FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated - Nov 3, 2023

  • Why sonar?​

    Sonar provides the best possible solution. Objects such as inflatable toys can obscure, and thus render useless, line of sight needed for other technologies. We can even detect footsteps outside a swimming pool which no other system can.

  • Is the system hard to install?

    Our system requires no extra skills or training to install compared to a standard swimming pool light.​

  • How does it work?​

    Our system uses sonar to detect movement inside and even outside a swimming pool and alerts you when turned on.​

  • How am I alerted?​

    Since our system is fully hosted in the cloud you will get alerts through your phone.

  • What if I am too far away to do anything?​

    Our system allows different user profiles, so that if you are away but others, family members, neighbours or even the police, are in the victinity they can also be alerted.​

  • What if my internet is down?​

    In the rare case your internet is down the system will also sound the alarm through a speaker and relay the alarm to Bluetooth connected devices.​

  • Will the system work with my older pool?​

    Our system is compatible with existing installations requiring minimal work in most cases.​