Project's Journey

Evolution of the different prototypes.

Prototype 01
Less QQ more pew pew!!

Our very first prototype​

After many years of conceptual design and technology feasibility studies we got our toy to play with.​

  • Solar panels​
  • Active sonar​
  • Almost didn’t sink. Almost.​
Features 02
An almost complete overhaul

Iterative or revolutionary, hard to decide which.​

While we did keep a couple of components, we made a lot of changes which touched on almost every aspect.​

  • Refined sonar sensors​
  • New temperature sensors​
  • Allowed for continuous testing​
Features 03
Solid foundations

First iterative device​

Our system was starting to come together and while we had a long road to go still we were confident we were on the right path.​

  • Power consumption was set.​
  • Rough size and weight.​
  • App data flow looking good.
Prototipo 4
Taking a little side look

We had a little on-the-side company.​

We worked to create one-of-a-kind swimming pool LED lights for a couple of friends and customers.​

  • HanabiLEDs allowed us to get expertise in the LED lights market.​​
  • As always we got a bit entangled and ended up learning more than we needed.​
  • Sold every unit we made in a small market.​​
Prototipo 4
The big one

Not final, but the end was in sight.​

Significant changes in the algorithm to better work in real-world scenarios.​

  • Able to toy around with firmware updates.​
  • New PH sensor​
  • Allowed for continuous testing​
Prototipo 05
What if ….​

There really might be a better way to do this.​​

We started work on our best idea, probably ever, combining our expertise across various fields.​

  • Hooray!! No more power limitations.​​
  • Standard size.​​
  • Almost too good to be true.​​
Prototipo 05
Decision time

Prototyping phase is over.​

Our development was complete and it was time to decide on our market​

  • Packaging design was complete.​
  • Our Apps entered iterative design phase, just refining to be done.​
  • Feature-creep would be rolled over to other devices or future models.​
Prototipo 05
How did we get here?

Sales finally begun​​

We started taking orders for delivery in July ’24 and gathered even more feedback for future models.

  • Premium product at standard price point.​​
  • Unrivaled functionality.​​
  • Our second patent.​​
Computer Vision

We do it slightly differently​

We joined the discussion for the new ASTM computer vision security standard. We are honored to be part of this new development.

  • We are 100% sonar based.​
  • Added camera for user ease of monitoring.​
  • Improved AI-fueled algorithms.​