No compromises​

Security and technology in an affordable and reliable package.​


Our base system with all the bells and whistles. One single LED light with our patented sonar system integrated.​
Features include:
  • Choice of white or RGB LED.​
  • Compatible with most existing lights.
  • Cloud connected.​
Essential +

For those with larger pools or in need of more light. Add extra sonar LED lights or standard LED.
All features of Essential plus:
  • You decide how many lights you want in your pool.​
  • Mix and match for maximum light and security.​
  • Seamless integration.

A different approach for shared swimming pools in residential condominiums.​
All features of Essential plus:
  • Layered approach to users. Easy sign-up for different types of alarms.​
  • As in our other packages intelligent eco-friendly lighting reduces carbon footprint through AI light cycles​

Ready to improve your safety?​

There is no compromise. You get the same choice of swimming pool lights and add security that really works.​

  • Easy installation
  • Multiple Users
  • Modular and expandable.